Thursday, February 8, 2007

Rain is finally here!

That may sound odd... being happy about the rain. But I live near a reservoir that is so low right now, we're going to be in trouble this summer if it does not fill up! So I'm happy about the rain!

What else is happening around here? Well, Jack is almost reading! It's so exciting! He just had his 100th Day of Kindergarten on Wednesday. I picked up some fabulous "Now I'm Reading" books by Innovative Kids, and he can read them!

Charli is so full of love these days. She continually gives pets and loves, and says "I love you so much! I love you ever and ever and EVER!" So precious!

I am so excited that Club Scrap is going to be a regular sponsor at The School of Scrap! I am also really looking forward to some scrapping buddies from Scrap-N-Circle coming over for a crop on Scrappy Sunday! I'm on a Scrappy High!

I've spent quite a bit of time on the computer today, so now I'm off to snuggle up to hubby on the couch!

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Lisa said...

Did you scrap with some SNC buddies? How fun!