Monday, March 31, 2008

Layouts from the SAW contest at ScrapLovers

Ok, I'm not in the contest at Scrap Lovers , but I'm playing along just for fun. Here are my layouts so far:

1. Con Carino - Challenge was to use a love theme, rich, deep colors, a foreign word, and at least three hearts.

2. Prince Charming - Challenge was to use colors purple and gold, one large photo, and a crown.

3. ura hoot - Challenge was to create a monochromatic blue layout in the shape of a circle, and to use at least one bird.

4. H2O play - Challenge was to use water pictures and have multicolored title. Catching up on some old pics. I usually don't scrap so "clean," but I like this just the way it was, and didn't add all my usual "stuff."

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Catch Up

Just wanted to post for no reason, really. Just to make sure life is documented. Life is so good. I could not possibly by any happier. We are so blessed to be living this amazing life. I am crazy busy, and love every minute of it. Today we're just taking it easy, taking a breath. We're talking about going on a family bike ride, but neither Jeff nor I seem motivated to make it happen. I think my attitude will change now that I got some lunch in me! (never ate breakfast.)

So why is life so good? I'm just so lucky to have these gorgeous, healthy, kind, sweet, silly, funny, athletic children. Jack and Charli are amazing little people. Jack had his first Little League game yesterday. It was so darn cute. These little dudes get to run all the bases and nobody gets out, so they learn to love the game and to build self-confidence. Jack is getting stronger at catching and throwing, but we need to practice with him a bit more to help him not fear the ball. He's a pretty strong batter, though! :)

Chalri is loving preschool, dance, and gymnastics, and loves all her little friends. She obsesses over playing with my zippers, ties, buttons, whatever is on my clothing at the time, and I love the feel of her little hands.

Both kids are extremely loving and thoughtful. We must be doing SOMETHING right! :)

That's all I really have to say for now. Sometimes I say these things to myself and forget to jot them down. I'm not a journaller, so my blog is the next best thing. Need to be using it more! :)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Amost Saint Patty's Day

Thought I'd share a few layouts and memories from Saint Patrick's Day. They're nothing great, as they're mostly older layouts (and let's hope my scrapping has improved!) but thought I'd share 'em anyway (I do like the first one, though. Was inspired by Elsie.) Jerry and Gary Bagozzi are visiting, and last night we had the Valentines over for dinner (for those of you who don't hang out with me on the message boards and haven't put it together, The Valentines are our neighbor friends... Allison Valentine is my buddy I always mention on the boards.) Made the kids green punch in honor of Saint Patty's Day! Some years the kids and I like to do an art or cooking project like tie-dying green T-shirts or making shamrock cookies. Not sure, yet, what we're doing this year! Wearing GREEN for sure! :) Here are a few past St. Patty's Day layouts!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Charli!

Yesterday we had Charli's 4th birthday party, and it was soooo cute! We had a My Little Pony theme, and had a REAL LIVE pony! This was an Icelandic Pony, and we were all quite surprised by her size! She was large enough for an adult to ride! Kria was a very gentle pony, and most of the kids enjoyed her. Charli was a bit scared at first, so big brother, Jack, came to the rescue and took the first ride!

Charli warmed up to the idea right away, and had three turns!

Deleted a couple other pics here, b/c other kids were in them. Not sure it's OK with the parents.
It was a fun and memorable day!