Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ok, Seriously...

How on earth did I think I could do 365 with a broken camera and no time to scrap??? This project does not seem to be working out for me, but I can still try. We'll see. Life is SUPER busy!I have been trying to save Spanish Instruction at Jack's school, I have been helping DH a it with Pacific Ice, Jack is taking ice skating lessons, DH's commercial debuted yesterday, Jack's school had a Jogathon Friday, and, most importantly, Charli turned five this week! Today we're having a family birthday party for her. Since we had a commercial debut party last night, we haven't even begun prepping for it. It will be casual BBQ style, so that is fine.

I miss scrapping. I miss it terribly. It's driving me CRAZY that I am too busy to scrap. I might need to start staying up some late nights so I can scrap for my own sanity. I just received a GORGEOUS prize package from DreamGirls!!!! Wow! Thank you! I can't wait to play with it. Oh! And I received Janna's wedding photos!!! Woohoooo! Can't WAIT to play with those! I have dug into the stuff I was saving for that project... just stole a bunch of solid colored cardstock... stuff that's easy to replace. I need to get on that!

Alight. The kids and I are having cookies for breakfast. I think we better have a little protein and fruit, too, so we don't have a sugar low in an hour! LOL! Ciao for now!