Tuesday, September 11, 2007

9/11 - Daze for Days

I have to admit, it didn't even occur to me that today was 9/11 until I just read Kirstie's blog. Even now that I'm aware, today is (almost) just a regular day. But I remember 9/11 very vividly. I was home on maternity leave with Jack. Jeff was working from home. I received a call pretty early in the morning, which was fine, since I was always up early having an infant. It was my sister, Vicki. She said, "Have you turned on your TV?" I answered, "No. Why?" She said, "The World Trade Center is GONE!" "Gone?" I asked. "Yes, GONE!" I replied, a bit confused, "You mean, the Twin Towers in New York? How can they be gone?" And then I turned on my TV.

We sat and stared in a daze for days. Though I didn't personally know anyone who was killed, or even anyone who knew anyone who was killed. I cried. And cried. I sat in disbelief. I worried about our safety. I had many thoughts about how Jack's life might be affected by this tragedy. For some reason, even with all the wars over the years, this time I was really struck and saddened that such a huge world tragedy could happen in my lifetime. Maybe that was ignorant, maybe selfish, but that's how I felt.

And yet, lucky for me, life has gone on. Today I get choked up to think about the people whose lives were drastically changed that day. And I get choked up and thankful that we were spared. Today I hold my head high. I don't live in fear. I am proud to be part of a nation and a world that has survived the worst. And I know we will go on.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Crop for a Cure

Come check out the FUN Crop for a Cure we're having over at Scrap-N-Circle! It's going to be a BLAST, and it's going to a worthy cause!