Saturday, June 23, 2007

More Sponsors at The School of Scrap

Here are a few more layouts using some amazing products from our generous sponsors at The School of Scrap!

Tie One On Ribbon Club - April 2007

Tie One On Ribbon Club - May 2007

Scrapmode - May 2007

Tie One On Ribbon Club and Magic Mesh - June 2007

The School of Scrap Sponsor - Club Scrap

Ok, so I keep forgetting to post my Club Scrap layouts here on my blog, so I'll post some from a past AMAZING kit I was so FORTUNATE to get from our sponsors, Club Scrap, over at The School of Scrap!

These four were from the April 2007 kit, Stratosphere. I'll upload the June ones once I have pics of all of them!

Bawling My Eyes Out

Ok, I know it's ridiculous, but I just can't help myself. I was down in my scrap room, when Jeff called down, "Michelle, where's the camera?" I answered, "Down here with me." He said, "You're going to want to bring it up." I grabbed the camera, and slowly walked the stairs (because my back was killing me.) When I reached the top, I saw it. Charli's head. Her gorgeous, blonde, curly locks were all GONE! She told me Jack cut her hair. There was an enormous pile of hair on the floor. All of it. Her bangs were short and shoppy, and ALL of her long, blonde curls REALLY were GONE. She has short, choppy hair, and needs it fixed ASAP.

As I was snapping (posed) photos, Jeff said, "It's not a scrapbook page, Michelle." I asked, "Then why did you have me bring the camera?" Whatever!!!

I know it's only hair, but I couldn't help myself from having quite a cry over it. I told her (after calming down after a little ranting and raving) she's still beautiful, and we'll get it fixed and she'll have the cutest short haircut EVA!

The truth is... I'm so bummed....

Saturday, June 9, 2007

The Secret

So you've heard of "The Secret," right? Well, I've dived in head first! I'm NOT a religious person, and I AM technical and science-oriented enough, so I normally would not go for this sort of thing. Having put that disclaimer out there, let me say that The Secret really rings true with me! And it WORKS!!! In case you don't know what it's about, it's basically about the power of positive thought and feeling those thoughts. Your thoughts create your world. It's pretty simple, really.
Well, the other day, I got a parking spot using it, and another day, I was feeling really thankful for the friendships I have. That VERY day, Jack begged and pleaded to go to his buddy's house. It ended up turning into a massive play date and impromptu family get together with two fun families at our house! And then last night, we went out with two other couples for the first time and had a blast! So keep those positive thoughts going... you never know what they might bring back to you!

Life is good! Enjoy it!!!