Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cool Homework Assignment

Jack was out sick Monday and Tuesday this week, so we had quite a bit of math homework to catch up. Mind you, it's only first grade math, but Jack is a first grade student (who happens to be a math whiz, by the way) who easily gets distracted by little sister, Daddy, heater noises, dents in the eraser, you name it. So homework took forever! I enjoyed my time with him, though, even though I had to keep on him every few minutes to get through the assignments.
The best part of homework was the poetry. Their IB unit, Keep a Poem in Your Pocket, is focusing on poetry right now. So today they learned about Acrostic poems, which are poems where the first letter of each spells something. We were to write together with our children so that each of us writes a poem.

Here's Jacks poem:
Sharks are animals.
Have you seen a shark?
A shark is tough, real tough.
Rapidly they swim along.
Know they are not land animals.
Sharks are coming. Look out!

Here's mine:
My wonderful child.
You were my first baby.
So much joy you bring to our family.
Older brother looks after Charli.
Naturally happy, your have a beaming smile.
Jack, you make this world a better place.
Always believe in yourself.
Compassion is one of your best attributes.
Know I love you more than anything.

We both really enjoyed our time together! He's such an amazing little dude!


StarrAltered said...

ugh! i hear you on the distractions... sounds like mine :)

Brandi said...

Your poems are great! You should make a scrapbook page with them!

Radona said...

adorable poems! make a book, have jack color pictures and get it bound! what a great memory for a sick day!

Holly said...

So sweet! Its great that they had parents write one with their child. I think its important to have a parent participate in home work with the kids. Really gets them involved with the learning experience.