Monday, November 5, 2007

Welcome, November!

Well, we survived Halloween, and what a blast we had! Three Halloween parties, two school Halloween parades, Trick-or-Treating, and a Halloween carnival later, we're welcoming November with open arms! So far, November has been amazing, with sunny weather in the mid-to-high 70's! I Loooove living in California! We're also going to Disneyland with Ron and Roberta (Jeff's parents) for (American) Thanksgiving! We're so excited!

We had two fun dinner parties back-to-back this past weekend. The first was with friends where we had a wondeful Thai meal (she's a FABULOUS cook!) And the next night was bolognes over fettucini plus baked Mac-N-Cheese (the good homemade stuff.) Great company, fabuous food, and nice wines each night. We're so lucky to have such fabulous friends here! And, of course, the kids always have a blast getting together.

Not much else to report. Yesterday we had an open house, so took the kids to see The Bee Movie. Pretty cute. But while we were parking, Jeff backed up into a pole, so the mini has yet another dent to deal with. It's amazing this thing is still in one piece! (sort of!)

I hope everyone's having a wonderful day! I certainly am! :)

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Radona said...

good to see you blogging! loved the funny tale of the queso, probably not so funny to clean up!

oh, and tag!