Wednesday, March 7, 2007

I LOVE Spring!

Ok, so it's not really spring. But the last few days here have certainly FELT like spring! A huge and wonderful change from the snow we had a couple weeks ago! I'm so OVER the whole guilt thing of Charli not getting use out of her million dollar winter wardrobe... she can wear it next year, too! So today I got the thumbs up from Jeff to buy a few spring things for her! We got some DARLING stuff from Gymboree and GAP kids. The rest of her wardrobe will have to be from Target, Kohl's (though I haven't shopped their yet!) and Old Navy!

More importantly, the kids and I have been spending time OUTSIDE again, and it feels SOooo good! We've been exercising, exploring, running stairs, and taking caterpillars to turn into butterflies! At least THiS year, we know what their host plant is so we can feed them properly! Here's a photo!

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