Tuesday, March 6, 2007


I did this page a couple weeks ago, but it's still one of my current faves. This was Jack's last day at the little gym. Man, he loved that place, even though sometimes he said he didn't want to go. He would bounce and skip around the entire time... all happy signs! Charli adored it, too! I would LOVE to sign them back up soon!

Yesterday was my birthday! It was a glorious, sunny day! I took the kids to a nearby ranch, and we fed carrots to the horses! We'll definitely be going back soon! My parents, my sister, and her boyfriend came over in the evening for pizza, cake, and presents! It was a great day! Also, today is my day to be in the classroom... I think one of the other Moms is bringing tadpoles and a dissecting microscope so the kids can see their (the tadpoles!) little hearts beating and stuff! I'm so excited! I LOVE being in the classroom!

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