Saturday, January 9, 2010


I need to stop entitling posts "Has It Really Been This Long?" Because this time it has been over seven months! Just wanted to record some of the cute things about the kids. Jack is loving ice hockey and has little league evaluations tomorrow. He's into reading the My Weird School books, and is all about hanging with his best buddies he has had since kindergarten.
Speaking of kindergarten, Charli is a kinder and loves it. She is reading, her faves being the Brand New Reader books.
I am working at a fabulous school in the district. The principal is an amazing woman! I love my colleagues, the parents, and especially the children! Since I can no longer be Volunteer Extraordinaire at my own kids' school, I still participate by being on the Construction Site Committee, and I am on the Committee for an upcoming Bond Election.
What else? Ran a half marathon in October, took a long break, and I am slowly getting back into it now.
The kids each had sleepovers last night, and now they want to go to the indoor trampoline park. WOohoo! I tend to be the oldest person jumping there, but I don't mind! It is sooooo FUN!
Both my kids are super loving, and have had a tough adjustment with me returning to work. Jack has the odd cry over missing me, and both of them love to run their sweet, loving little hands over me when we hang out at story time (or whenever.) I looooove them! In fact, I am going to hang out with them RIGHT NOW!

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