Friday, January 2, 2009

The Wrinkley Thing

I just noticed that the last three layouts I posted have crumpled, wrinkled paper backgrounds. And I like the wrinkled look. But I think I've been overdoing it. I think next time I need to iron the paper back out after I crinkle-and-ink or wrinkle-and-sand. I so need to be scrapping more so I can find my groove again!


Beryl said...

I thnk the crinkley thing is fun! Insired me to do more "crinkle-ing"! So glad you check in on mine, I know its been ages, I tried emailing you actually but I guess I have something wrong in the addy..I'll try again!

Beryl said...

so good to hear from you - I've tried email you to say hi, but the only address I have is from SOS.
Happy New Year to you too!
And btw, I love the crinkle-y thing!

Beryl said...

Hey there, Happy New Year to you as well!
I;ve actually tried emailing you a couple of ties to say Hi, but the only email address I have is you at SOS.
I personallylove the wrinkle-y thing!

Beryl said...

Apparently it is too late for me to be posting and I didn't see the "your comment has been posted" not at the TOP OF THE SCREEN IN HUGE LETTERS!Argh.

MomInTraining3 said...

Hello Michelle
I love your wrinkled backgrounds. Great layouts. Hope you scrap alot this year. I too am going to get back into it as soon as my scrap room is finished. Happy New Year.

Mandy said...

Hey Girl it was sych a suprise to see your comments on my blog. Thank you! I added you to my yahoo I'm hope it goes through would love to chat with you.
Lovin your work your awesome!
Happy New Year!!