Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Has it really been this long....

since I wrote a meaningful post? I was just looking over my calendar, and here are a few things that have been happening lately (my little excuses for being MIA.) May 18th was our Day on the Green fundraiser at school. Put in back-to-back 12+ hour days for that one. May 30th was our Principal's retirement party. So bummed he's leaving. Today was voting day, and I've been helping a bit with the Yes on Measure E Campaign. We'll find out soon if it passed (hopefully.) Let's see... it's tournament week for Little League, Charli had a birthday party today, I've been exercising a bit... for several weeks now! Mostly running with Denyelle Tuesdays and Thursdays, and I've done a couple exercise classes at the club, as well. Wondering what's up with this unseasonably cool late spring we're having. Ummm. What else? Oh, one weekend recently we had five events in one day. Ummm... yeah, that was May 10th. The last birthday party we had to bail on. We were just wiped at 12:30am after going hard all day. Still need to load some pix from Jack's 7th birthday that day... didn't really get any good ones, though. So tomorrow we have a baseball game, Friday I'm working Snack Shack, Saturday we have our last game followed by our year-end party, followed by my awesome friend, Amy and her hubby Jim coming over Saturday night before their Sunday triathlon. Oh, and did I mention I had Allison's little girl, Bella (who is Charli's best friend) for about five hours Sunday and then for a Monday sleepover? Oh, and I think I had them all Friday, too? Or did I? I keep forgetting which days I've had Allison's kids lately, but I know I've had them a few times. I'll have them again this Friday, and then she'll watch mine while I do Snack Shack. This is really just a mindless rambling. Just updating my MANY readers (ha!ha!) of what I've been up to. A lot. But not much at the same time.

My Grandpa has cancer. I need to call him. Darn, it's already too late tonight. If I could slow my life down a bit, I could remember to call him and have a meaningful conversation. Meaningful. That's the second time I wrote that in this post.

I'm looking forward to hanging out with the kids this summer. Last night I made them reading journals for summer. Will have to get pics of them and upload them soon. Well, just rambling. Time to go. I did another DreamGirls layout recently. Here it is:

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Erin Gudge said...

I love your entry for the Dreamgirls cardboard challenge!!! GORGEOUS!

Just to let you know treasured scrapbooking had a crash, but we're back up! You may need to reregsiter as the last six months were lost! Yeeps!