Sunday, April 13, 2008

Thai New Year

Yesterday we had quite a fun and new experience, Thai New Year. Our good friend, Sroison, is Thai, and she invited us to the celebration at her in-laws' house. We arrived late, as the kids had a birthday party to attend beforehand. (Fun party, BTW. Lots of great animal crafts. My good friend, Katrina, is a rockstar of a Mom!)Anyway, upon our arrival, the minivan was doused with buckets of water, and we were greeted by a bunch of kids with water hoses and squirt guns, as well! This is a Thai tradition (of which we were unaware.) We had been told to bring a change of clothes, but I had no idea it would be like that! The kids were too scared to get out of the van, so I had to call in on my mobile phone to negotiate. Jack eventually joined in the fun. I think Charli would have, too, if we had arrived earlier. What a fun time! Additionally, the hostess, Ayre, prepared an amazing Thai feast. We were so lucky to be invited!

I tell you what, though. If we're invited back next year, we'll come prepared with loaded squirt guns and tarps for our arrival! LOL! I didn't get any photos, but use your wildest imagination, and you're probably dead-on!

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