Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Life is Good

That's our favorite phrase lately. We've been wearing those shirts, too. This fine October day, it will be in the 80's, so I'm taking the kids to the Club for a swim right after school! Ya gotta love Indian Summer in California.

I've decided I need to do more blogging. Not just posting layouts and talking about crops and other scrapping events, but blogging about my life and the kids. I don't keep a journal, so this is the next best thing. AND, I can send my blog addy to my friends and family in case they want to have a look!

I just snapped this picture of Charli. She asked for curlers in her hair last night after her bath, and here is how it turned out. Pretty cute! Just a few curlers fell out. Her hair's really coming in nicely after "the incident" this summer.

Fall is fabulous. School is busy. Jack's having fun with soccer and Bionicles with his buddies. Charli's loving preschool. My kids ROCK. Love my hubby.

Life is Good.

Charli just now

Jack at soccer recently


Beryl said...

Beautiful curls!!!
I love the "Be You" page a bit further down - might have to "lift" some of that idea. Great job!!

Marci said...

Gotcha! Tag...you're it!!