Tuesday, September 11, 2007

9/11 - Daze for Days

I have to admit, it didn't even occur to me that today was 9/11 until I just read Kirstie's blog. Even now that I'm aware, today is (almost) just a regular day. But I remember 9/11 very vividly. I was home on maternity leave with Jack. Jeff was working from home. I received a call pretty early in the morning, which was fine, since I was always up early having an infant. It was my sister, Vicki. She said, "Have you turned on your TV?" I answered, "No. Why?" She said, "The World Trade Center is GONE!" "Gone?" I asked. "Yes, GONE!" I replied, a bit confused, "You mean, the Twin Towers in New York? How can they be gone?" And then I turned on my TV.

We sat and stared in a daze for days. Though I didn't personally know anyone who was killed, or even anyone who knew anyone who was killed. I cried. And cried. I sat in disbelief. I worried about our safety. I had many thoughts about how Jack's life might be affected by this tragedy. For some reason, even with all the wars over the years, this time I was really struck and saddened that such a huge world tragedy could happen in my lifetime. Maybe that was ignorant, maybe selfish, but that's how I felt.

And yet, lucky for me, life has gone on. Today I get choked up to think about the people whose lives were drastically changed that day. And I get choked up and thankful that we were spared. Today I hold my head high. I don't live in fear. I am proud to be part of a nation and a world that has survived the worst. And I know we will go on.

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Going For Greatness said...

I remember 9-11 vividly. NYC is about 50 miles from here and we had military aircraft and helicopters patrolling the skies for months and months after it all happened. The billow of smoke could be seen from here... it was like living in a movie....
It definitely is a scary world.....
Remembering the tragedy is the only way we can help to prevent something that catastrophic from happening again.