Thursday, August 23, 2007

I've been tagged again!

Ok, so I was tagged earlier this month by Lisa, and just found it today! So what you're supposed to do it post eight (hopefully interesting) facts about yourself on your blog, and then tag eight other people who will do the same!

Here are my facts:
1. I was a diver (in the pool, not the ocean) in highschool and college. I recently got on a diving board at the swim club and had a blast playing! :)
2. I love to wax my arms in the summer time!
3. I still eat raw cookie dough (I know...eewwww!)
4. Twice I trained for a marathon, got to about 13-14 miles, and then quit. If only I had trained for a HALF marathon! LOL!
5. I used to make and sell beaded jewelry in college at a little store in Berkeley called "By Hand."
6. I love to mix beer with V8 or tomatoe juice. Yum!
7. I adore pedicures, footrubs, fluffy socks... anything to do with my feet feeling good!
8. I probably need therapy for my obsession with my kids' clothing!

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